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Wedding Website User Guide: Content

Want to know what content to include on your wedding website? You’re in the right place.

Whether you’re keeping things simple, or need to share very specific requests and requirements, your wedding website gives you complete control. You can use it as your noticeboard for the key information about your big day, share your gift list, collect RSVPs and guest queries, and include details about travel, accommodation, dress codes and more.

Read our guide below or click to jump into specific details.

Choosing Your Theme

Wedding Website Content Themes

The first thing we’ll ask you to do is select a theme for your website. For more information about themes, read our Wedding Website: Look & Feel user guide.

Your Website Builder

Your website builder includes a left-hand panel with all of the tools and blocks for building and editing your website. The right-hand side of your screen is a preview of your website which you can’t interact with but will update as you make changes in the left-hand panel.

When it comes to adding and editing content, the most important part of the left-hand panel will be the ‘Content’ area, and the ‘+ Add sections’ and ‘Advice sections’ toggle beneath it.  If you want to edit something already showing on your preview panel, make sure you’re on the ‘Active sections’ part of Content.

You can move content areas around within Active sections by selecting ‘Reorder sections’ and dragging to change the order.

Getting Started with Content

Your website will be pre-populated with a few of the most relevant sections for your big day. Everything can be edited or removed, so if it’s not right for your website then you can easily change it.

To edit sections already showing on your website, click on the ‘active sections’ tab in the content editor, hover over the title of the section you’d like to change and select the pencil icon. If you’d like to remove it altogether, click the bin icon.

The sections we’ll automatically include are:

Heading section

This is the very top part of your website that will be populated with your names and wedding date. You can edit all of the text in this section, upload a custom header image and add in your profile photo (once you’ve added one to your wedding details page).

About Us section

Here you can add images and share your story. It’s also useful to introduce yourselves individually, especially if you’re inviting guests who may only know one of you. If there’s any part of this section that you don’t want to include, make sure you remove the instructional text and then it won’t appear on your website.

Welcome section

This is a text box which can be used for any information you like. You can include as many text boxes as you like and add them to any part of your wedding website. There’s space for a title, sub title and text- and if you copy and paste an image into the main text box then it will also appear on your website.


This does exactly what it says- adds a countdown of years, months and days to your website.

Events section

This section pulls through all the details from your Event Coordinator, including anything you shared with us when joining. To add or edit the content in this section, including adding an image and a map, you need to do this via the Event Coordinator.

Travel information section

This section allows you to share information that will help your guests join you on the big day. We have created example tabs of details that you might want to share (car/bus/train etc) but there is also the option to add a custom section to suit your needs. Any options left blank won’t be shown on your website.

Adding New Information

There are more sections that can be created and added into your wedding website, some are created and edited in your website builder and others are linked to different areas of your GettingMarried account.

Text Boxes

These are the same as your Welcome section above. You can add as many of these as you like and choose where they display on your website. We’d recommend using one for Guest FAQs, Dress Code etc.

Photo Gallery

You can add unlimited photo galleries to your wedding website. Whether you want to add images to introduce your wedding party or share photos from your engagement, add up to 25 photos per gallery and choose which section of your website you want the section to sit in.

Contact Form & RSVPs

On a free account, you can include one contact form on your wedding website. This can either be used as a generic ‘Contact Us’ form, or can be customised to be a ‘RSVP’ contact form. All messages sent from guests using your contact form will appear in your Notifications on your GettingMarried dashboard.

If you’ve joined GM+, you’ll have the contact form but also another option to include dynamic RSVPs on your wedding website. Using Dynamic RSVPs means that your guest’s response will be automatically connected to your guest list.


To create the content for this section you will be taken to another page on your dashboard. From here you can create hotel recommendations for each event. Once you’ve created recommendations, you can then add the content block to your wedding website.

Gift Lists

To add this to your wedding website, you’ll need to create or connect a gift list to your GettingMarried account. Once you’ve connected a list (or created a cash GiftFund), you’ll then be able to add this content block to your website and personalise the title and description.

Publishing Your Website

Once you are happy with your website and ready to share it with your guests you will need to publish it. Here’s how:

  1. Check your design and content on a full size page. Click the ‘preview website’ option above the preview image to open the preview in a new tab. 
  2. Choose your website URL. Click the ‘publish’ button and then choose from one of our free domains (which you can personalise), or share the details if you’d like to include your own URL and domain.
  3. Need to make changes? You can edit your website at any time when it is published. If you make a change in the editor while your website is live, make sure you click ‘publish changes’ so they appear on your live website.