GiftFund by GettingMarried

Asking for cash towards a honeymoon or anything else? Try our fee-free cash gift list GiftFund, exclusively available with GM Essentials and GM+ accounts.

Integrated into your Wedding Website, guests contribute quickly and easily, directly into the account of your choice. Choose PayPal, Monzo, Revolut or Bank Transfer. Pay no fees and get the cash instantly!

Honeymoon Fund.

Share details and photos of your honeymoon plans with guests, and they’ll be delighted to contribute. Doing so online via GiftFund is easier and safer than cash or cheques at your venue.

Big ticket items.

If you’re saving for a new home, a sofa or even a puppy, GiftFund can help. With no fees for you or your guests and instant access to the cash, everyone’s happy.

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wedding gift list homewares

Homeware & Accessories.

If you want to upgrade your home with beautiful new homeware and accessories, GiftFund let’s you do the shopping yourselves, getting the best deals.

Charity Donations.

Guests transfer contributions to the account of your choice, leaving you to make an aggregated donation. If you’re a UK tax payer, charities also benefit from GiftAid.

Online Gift Lists.

If you prefer to choose beautiful gifts from companies such as Prezola and The Wedding Shop, you can link multiple Gift Lists to your Wedding Website.

“We used the Gift List fund which was so simple and easy for us and our guests! Would highly recommend. ”


“So easy to set up and personalise. Every guest used the website which was a big bonus! ”