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Wedding Website User Guide: Look & Feel

Your Wedding Website sets the tone for your big day. It’s the perfect place to showcase your wedding style and share information with your guests; whether you’ve chosen a classic style with short-but-sweet details, or going all-out with a bold look and blow-by-blow plan for your special day.

We’ve got everything you need to build and create a wedding website that’s personal to you, all for free. And if you’re not sure how to get started, here’s a helping hand. Read our guide below or click to jump into specific details.

This guide helps you with the look and feel of your wedding website. If you’d like to know more about the content of your wedding website, visit our Wedding Website Content User Guide.

Creating Your Website using an Existing Theme

We have designed dozens of bespoke themes for your wedding website, covering everything from floral and botanical to monochrome and typographic. These themes can be used across your wedding website, email stationery and are also available as matching printed stationery via our partner Dotty About Paper

All of our existing themes can be customised to match your individual style by changing the fonts; choose between any two google fonts. Many of the themes are also available in up to 28 different colour options.

Creating Your Own Bespoke Theme

If you’ve got a specific idea in mind for your wedding website, or want to create something completely unique, you can do that for free too. 

Our bespoke theme gives you ultimate creative control and design flexibility to build a fully customised wedding website, tailored to your style.

Begin by picking your theme’s background colour(s). You can choose one or two colours from an unlimited palette, and add a third colour for all buttons and menus. Choose from the colour dropper or add a HEX code if you know it.

Next, it’s time to decide on your header and paragraph fonts. Explore our recommended font pairings, or find your own by exploring Google Fonts. You can select two different fonts, and choose the colour for these too.

Have a look at just how easy it is:

Whatever theme you decide to use, you can update and personalise the top of your wedding website with a large bespoke header image.

A great way to show off your engagement photos, wedding venue or a personal photo or illustration.

If you want to go one step further with customisation and creativity, you can design and upload your own banner. We recommend using free services like Canva, which lets you create banners to download and add to your wedding website.

With a GM+ Membership, you’ll also have access to exclusively designed header images to customise your website.

Choosing Your Layout

There are three different options for your wedding website’s layout, and it’s all about personal preference. 

Continuous layout does exactly what it says- it’s one long page that your guests can scroll through. You can choose the order of each section of content too, prioritising the information that matters to you.

Menu layout adds a three dash tile to the top corner of your website (often called a ‘burger menu’) which opens out when clicked to reveal categories where you have published content- About Us, The Wedding, Guest Information and Gift List.

Tabs layout is our most popular choice, and adds the categories above (when they have content), in a line beneath your website header.

Examples for Inspiration

Here are a few examples of the different styles of wedding websites you can create:

Here are our GettingMarried example couples interactive websites: