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Event Coordinator User Guide

Even if you’re keeping things simple for your big day, it’s likely you’ll have multiple ‘events’- the legal bit (ceremony), celebrations afterwards (wedding breakfast or reception), and an evening party too. 

Our event coordinator helps keep everything organised- whether that’s sharing different event locations with your guests, collecting menus and information for different events, creating table plans, or sending invitations- that’s all done with your event coordinator. 

When creating your GettingMarried account, you’ll be asked what events you’re having. If you share any details here, we’ll automatically add them to your event coordinator for you.

Creating a new event

You’ll need to create an event if you want to include it on your wedding website, or if you’re planning to use GettingMarried to track guest RSVPs, or if you want to create a menu or table plan from it. It doesn’t need to be for your big day or for all guests- it might be a pre-wedding party for your family, or a post-wedding BBQ for close friends.

When creating your event, you’ll need the obvious details- date, time and location- but also any venue capacity, images you may want to include, and any additional information like venue rules, dress code or policy on children.

Once you’ve saved your event, you’ll be able to decide where these event details will be shared. You’ll need to complete the ‘Website settings’ checklist within the event to decide what details are included on your wedding website- maps, images, additional information etc. 

With GM+ Membership, your guests will also have access to a personalised Guest Area that includes details of events they have been invited to. You’ll also need to complete a checklist to decide what event details will be included in the guest area.

Editing an event

If we’ve created your events for you, or if you want to change or update details, you’ll need to go in and edit each event. Simply select ‘View & Edit’ on the relevant event, then ‘Edit event details’ to add or update information.

What appears on your Wedding Website

Events are added to your wedding website through the Website Editor, and we’ll automatically add any events you set up when joining GettingMarried. When an event is on your wedding website the date, time and location will automatically show.

Details and extra information; venue photo, maps, links, additional details including dress code etc; are controlled by your Event Coordinator. 

When editing your events, you’ll see a ‘Website Settings’ tab, which contains a checklist of what can be included on your wedding website. We’ll automatically tick everything, but you can untick anything you want to be removed. If a tick-box cannot be unchecked, that’s because you haven’t provided any information in the ‘event details’ tab relating to that box.


Upgrading to a GM+ Membership gives you access to our Menu Manager tool. You can use this tool to build menus for each event- adding different courses and options within each course- and you can also collect any dietary requirements or restrictions your caterers may need to know.

Table Plans

A GM+ Membership also unlocks our Table Plan tool, which lets you create bespoke seating plans for each event and assign your guest list easily. You can move and swap guests and change tables around until you’ve got everyone seated, and download your table plan once it’s ready.

Questions for your guests

A brand new feature for GM+ members, we’ve added the ability to collect additional information and answers for your guests. This is great if you want guest’s to share their favourite song to dance to, or if you need to know if they’d like space on a bus between venues. Whatever you decide to use it for, your guests will be asked when they RSVP and we’ll collate the information in your guest list.