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Guest Area User Guide

Guest Area is an exclusive platform for your guests, tailored by you. Available with GM+ membership, once you’ve upgraded you’ll be able to start building your Guest Area.

Getting Started

With GM+, you’ll automatically have a Guest Area for your guests to view event details and share their information e.g. RSVPs, dietary requirements etc. 

When receiving their email invitations, or RSVPing via your wedding websites, your guests will be given access to a Guest Area which is tailored to their information in your Guest List.

There will be one guest area per guest party- so if you’ve grouped together a couple, they’ll have one guest area between them.

This means that your evening guests will see information in their Guest Area about evening events only, including their RSVP and anything else you may have asked them to share.

To choose what events and information is displayed in your guest’s Guest Area, you’ll need to edit each event and navigate to the ‘Website Settings’ tab to select what you would like to be included.

What’s in the Guest Area?

The guest area is made up of a number of tiles so your guest’s can easily navigate to find the information they need:

Event Details

All the events that your guest is assigned to will be shown in their Guest Area. We’ll always show them the date, time and location of the event they’re invited to, but you get to decide what other details are shared- whether that’s an image of the venue, dress code etc.


Your guest will be able to RSVP here, and update their RSVP if their circumstances change.


There is the option to include accommodation recommendations to your guests here.


There is a simple contact form so your guests can reach out to you if they have any additional questions about your big day.

Menu Choices (if you have them)

If you’ve created menus, or requested dietary information, your guests will have space to view the menu and fill out their information.

Question Responses (if you’ve asked them)

If you’ve asked your guest an additional question- such as song requests- this will also appear in their Guest Area for them to respond to.

Gift List

If you’ve created a gift list, we’ll include a tile in the Guest Area so the guests can easily find what you’re looking for.

Guest’s Experience

Your guests will first navigate to the Guest Area when they go to register their RSVP either via your email stationery or wedding website.

Guest’s are given a login, and taken to a dashboard where they’ll see all the relevant tiles for your event. From here, they can RSVP and update their information, find details of your event and anything else you have chosen to include in the guest area.

They’ll be able to login to the Guest Area right up until your big day, so they can use it as a reference to remind them of your event details or gift list.

If your guests lose their access to the guest area, you can resend an invitation to the guest area by viewing their details in your Guest List and selecting ‘Guest Area Login’ at the bottom of their details.