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Menu Manager User Guide

If you’re feeding your guests, you’ll need to know of any dietary requirements and may want to offer them menu choices too.

GettingMarried’s Guest Menu Manager allows you to create bespoke menus for each of your events, and collect guest’s choices and requirements when they RSVP to the events.

You can collect dietary requirements from guests without sharing menu options- perfect if you’re not providing multiple different meals. Alternatively, you can create a full menu for your guests with any number of different courses and dishes within each course (including options for children). When you’ve created a menu we’ll also automatically ask for dietary requirements alongside guest’s choices.

Creating Your Menu

Part of GM+ Membership, once you’ve upgraded you can find your menu builder in each of your events. Click the helpful link ‘Create a menu’ or edit your event and click on the ‘Menus’ tab. 

If you just want to collect dietary information, scroll past ‘Create menu’, select the checkbox for dietary requirements and save.

To build your menu for this event, select ‘Create menu’ and then create each course and dishes within the course. You can highlight whether the dish is suitable for children and whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, diary-free or contains nuts.

Once you’ve finished, save your menu and it’s ready for your guests.

Sharing With Your Guests

Your guests will see your menu and make their choices  when they RSVP. There will also be space for them to let you know of additional dietary requirements they may have, such as allergies. The video below demonstrates how your guests’ will see and share their menu choices.

You are also able to manually add your guests’ menu choices along with their RSVP by finding the guest on your guest list, clicking on the ‘Events & RSVP’ tab, and selecting ‘RSVP on their behalf’. This is really useful if you’re also sending out printed invitations and menus.

Sharing With Your Caterer

Once you’ve collected all of your guests’ menu choices, you can easily download a CSV  to pass onto your caterers ready for the big day. It’s also useful to have a copy on hand on the big day for any waiting staff to cross references for allergies etc.

You can find the menu download in the event details.