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Dashboard User Guide

Your dashboard is one of the first things you’ll see once you’ve created your GettingMarried account, and something you’ll become very familiar with.

Here’s a breakdown on what’s what in your dashboard:

Top Navigation

In the black bar along the top of your dashboard you’ll see a bell icon, sometimes with a number next to it.

This is your GettingMarried inbox. If you create a contact form or simple RSVP form on your website, whenever a guest sends a message it will end up here. Super easy to manage- you can open messages, view connected guest details (if there are any) and reply to the guests by email. 

Next to the notification bell there are quick links to your dashboard, to your wedding website, to your account details and to our help section.

Top Panel

This will have the names and dates given to GettingMarried when you joined us. You can change these details, and add a profile image, by clicking on the pencil next to your name. This is also a great place to add your contact details in case they’re needed by guests in the future.

Wedding Website Panel

Here you’ll see an image of the website theme you have chosen, and quick links to view or edit your wedding website and change your theme. It’s likely you’ll be using this panel a lot when you first create your account.

Event Coordinator

One of the very first things you should be looking at! Event coordinator is the glue that holds everything together. It forms the foundation of the information on your wedding website, connects guests and lets you build guest list groups and manage RSVPs. 

If you shared any event information when joining GettingMarried, it will be here. If you haven’t created any events yet- click the link and get started. 

Within the Event Coordinator you’ll find Table Planner and Menu Manager too. There’s also a link from the panel straight to recommending hotels.

Guest List and RSVP

This is where you build your guest list, create groups and manage how your guests RSVP. As you add and assign guests, you’ll see a traffic light system on your dashboard as a quick overview on your active guest list.

The guest list is where all your guests information is stored, from names and contact details to RSVP responses and menu choices. You can easily download your guest list at any time.

You’ll also find the toggle for locking and  unlocking RSVP here. Find out more about what this does in our RSVP User Guide.

Email Stationery

Here you’ll find the links to the four types of email stationery offer: Save the Dates, Invitations, Thank You Notes and Emails.

Clicking into each will open up the email builder for you to design and add content. You also have the option to personalise information and select as many (or as few) guests as you like. With Guest Emails you can send as many updates as often as required.

Printed Stationery

We work closely with our stationery partner Dotty About Paper to create a whole suite of printed stationery to match or complement your wedding website. You’ll see a few examples of what we can offer, and click through to explore Dotty About Paper’s website.

Gift List

Here you can connect multiple gift lists from anywhere by including the link to your list, or build a cash GiftFund. Whatever you choose, it will integrate seamlessly to your wedding website and you can easily add, update or remove lists here.

Find out more about GiftFund below.

Need Help?

This will be your go-to and most used panel throughout your journey. It includes links to user guides for each stage of your planning with GettingMarried, from RSVPS to Gift Lists and more.

Free Users: Join GM+

If you’re using a free account, you’ll notice a green panel towards the top right of your dashboard. This outlines the benefits of joining our GM+ membership, and includes a link to help you find out more. Obviously, we recommend you click on it!

GM+ Users: The Circle

If you have a GM+ membership, you’ll find a green panel towards the top right of your dashboard. This includes handy links to The Circle- our community of content, exclusive brand offers and designs for your wedding website. We recommend you visit regularly as we’re always adding new discounts and content for your website.