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Create a GiftFund Wedding Cash Gift List

Whatever type of wedding you are planning, your guests will want to give you a gift to celebrate your marriage, therefore it’s worth creating a wedding gift list. 

By creating a wedding cash gift list, you help your guests choose a gift they know you’ll love, and as a result you receive something you want and need too!

That’s where our GiftFund comes in.

Part of our GM+ Membership, the one-off upgrade gives you access to our instant, secure and fee-free cash gift list as well as all of our other premium features; dynamic RSVPs, Menu Manager, Table Planner and more.

GiftFund in a Nutshell

  • One you’ve got your GM+ membership, all transactions within GiftFund are free for you and your guests, with no hidden fees .
  • You choose how you want to receive your gift cash contributions- via your Paypal account, Monzo account, Revolut account or directly to your bank account.
  • Guests send money directly from their bank account into the bank or Paypal account of your choosing (nothing comes via a third party, even us!)
  • Guests use GiftFund to share how much they are going to contribute and add a personal message, which will show in your GiftFund dashboard. They then need to send money directly to you via one of your chosen options, which they can do instantly or at a later date.
  • Once you have received funds, it’s yours to spend as you wish!
  • Wondering about the status of your contributions and whereabouts of cash from your guests? This FAQ may help.

Getting started with your GiftFund Wedding Cash Gift List

Setting up your GiftFund is easy. Get started from your dashboard and follow the steps to create your GiftFund:

Whether you’re hoping for physical products, cash contributions, or charity donations, GiftFund gives you all the flexibility you need. For physical products, you use your contributions whenever you like and buy items in your own time and shop around for the best prices. For charity donations, you can make one combined donation with GiftAid whenever you like.

GiftFund is 100% fee free, for both you and your guests, there’s no catch or hidden charges.

Once you’ve set up your GiftFund, you’ll need to add it to your wedding website so guests can see it.

Personalising your GiftFund

The options for your wedding gift list are endless! Firstly, you’ve got plenty of space to share messages and photos to showcase your wish list, which will inspire your guests’ contributions.

If you’re setting up a honeymoon fund, share photos of the location with your guests and let them know a little bit about what you’ll be doing. If you’re hoping to use contributions for excursions, meals out or other adventures, share photos to inspire.

For physical products, you can make a mini wish list of your own. Find photos of what you’re hoping to buy with the cash contributions and share them on your GiftFund. 

Adding more photos and messages will let your guests feel they are giving you something really special.

Explore some of our sample websites to see GiftFund brought to life:

How your guests use GiftFund

Accessing your GiftFund gift list is easy for your guests. Once you’ve set up GiftFund and shared your wedding website or guest area login with your guests, they can view your GiftFund and make a contribution whenever they like.

Here’s an example of how your guests will use your GiftFund gift list:

All of their contributions are made securely via Monzo, Revolut, Paypal or their personal banking app. We just need them to confirm once they have made the payment to you. They’ll have the option to include a gift message in addition to their transaction too.

Keeping track of your Wedding Gift List contributions

We’ll send you an email when someone new contributes to your GiftFund, but you can also view your GiftFund dashboard from your main dashboard at any time.


My GiftFund dashboard shows a contribution which I haven’t yet received, can you help?

Because all contributions are made directly from your guest to you, we cannot see when your guests have actually sent your cash gift.

Once your guests have said they will send your gift, the amount they have pledged will appear on your dashboard but the ‘Status’ box will not be ticked. This is because your guest can choose to make the contribution right away, or wait until later.

If a guest contributes right away, they will receive email confirmation of this contribution and you will also receive an email.

If a guest contributes later, you will see the pledged amount on your dashboard but no email, and the ‘status’ will be unticked.

Guests will be prompted to confirm via email once they have transferred their gift, and then the box will be ticked. If they do not confirm, but you have received the funds to your bank account, you can tick the box.

If you have not received the funds, we recommend getting in touch with your guest. They have probably forgotten and will appreciate your reminder!