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RSVPs User Guide

Organising your guest list and collecting RSVPs from your loved ones can be a long (and boring!) process. That’s where we’re here to help!

With a GettingMarried account, here’s how you can collect and collate RSVPs:

Simple RSVPs

With a free account, you can now collect your guests RSVPs via a contact form on your website.

Go to your website builder and add the block “Contact form & Simple RSVP”. You’ll need to tailor the text to let your guests know that you’d like them to RSVP to events on their invitations.

When your guests fill out the form, you will receive a notification message on your dashboard with their message. You’ll need to cross-reference this with your guest list and manually mark the correct guest as ‘attending’ or ‘not attending’.

Automated RSVPs

Available with GM+ upgrade, our Automated RSVPs take away the legwork of manually updating your guest list as guest’s RSVP. It also gives you additional flexibility and functionality to collect menu choices, dietary preferences and ask questions when your guests RSVP.

In order to set up automated RSVPs, you’ll need to create your Guest List Groups- click here to find out more. 

What you do next, depends on what stationery you’re sending….

If you’re sending Email Stationery

Sending email stationery is the easiest and most hassle-free way to collect RSVPs.  Your guests will receive an email invitation which contains a link to RSVP, and their response (and any additional information you’ve asked for) will automatically be added to their guest details on your guest list.

Wedding Stationery
If you’re sending Printed Stationery

You can still collect automated RSVPs with Printed Stationery, you’ll just need to include a link to your wedding website on your stationery (and make sure you’ve added the block to your website!)

In order to dynamically update your RSVPs, we’ll need a way to recognise your guest and match them to your guest list.

You don’t need to have your guest’s email address in order to use Automated RSVPs, there are three different options for matching your guest to your guest list:

Group PasswordsEmail AddressUnique Codes
By creating a password for your Guest List Groups and sharing it with your guests in their invitation, we’ll be able to identify the correct information to show them and make sure they RSVP to their relevant events. If you’ve added guest’s email addresses to your Guest List, we can use this to identify your guest when they come to RSVP via your wedding website. If you’re worried a guest may input a different email address, we’ll still send you their RSVP details and you can connect it with the right guest in your list.Allocate a unique code to each guest to tailor their experience and connect them to your guest list. You can switch this on in the ‘RSVP Options’ page, and find the codes next to each guest in your guest list. You’ll then need to add the code to each guests invitation, and they’ll need to enter the code when RSVPing online. 

Here’s how you set up and find unique codes:

Open Access RSVPs

If you’re only creating one group and you want all of your guests to RSVP to that group- select “Allow Open Access RSVP” in the group details page. This means that anyone who visits your website can RSVP to the information and events in this group- no passwords needed and they don’t need to be on your Guest List or assigned to a group.

If you have multiple groups, you may still want to choose one to “Allow Open Access RSVP”, as it will pick up anyone RSVPing who may share slightly different details from those listed in your Guest List, like a different email address.

Locking and Unlocking RSVPs

It’s likely that you’ll have a deadline for collecting RSVPs so you can finalise numbers for your venue and caterers. To ensure your guests aren’t RSVPing when it’s too late, we’ve added a toggle for GM+ members, so you can easily activate or lock your RSVPs. Make sure your RSVPs are activated before you send your invitations and share your wedding website, otherwise your Automated RSVP tile will not show on your wedding website.