The Basics

What To Include On Your Wedding Website

Starting to build your wedding website but not sure what information to include? Obviously you can create whatever you want; a website dedicated entirely to your shared love of cheese, or a monochrome fact-sheet of all the boring-but-practical questions you might possibly be asked.

We recommend designing a website inspired by your wedding style or theme, and including a mix of essential information- the what, where and when- with FAQs and something about you, the nearly-weds.

Here’s our low-down of the essentials to include on your wedding website, and what other details you might want to share when creating your free site:

  1. The Date, Time and Location of your Ceremony
  2. The Details of your Reception
  3. RSVPs
  4. Your Gift List
  5. FAQs
  6. About You
  7. Travel and Transport
  8. Accommodation

Find out more about what to include in each section below.

The Date, Time and Location of Your Ceremony

Where and when you need your guests for the wedding. If your ceremony begins at 12, we recommend asking guests to arrive 15-30 minutes before.

As for location, you may want to include directions and contact details for the location, so you don’t have to answer any last minute “we can’t find you!” calls from your guests. You can include a map of your venue on your GettingMarried wedding website, making it easy for guests to pinpoint where the big day will be.

The Details of Your Reception…

…if it’s separate from the ceremony, or some guests are only invited to the reception.

You may be getting married in one location, and hosting your reception and evening event at another location. If you are, make sure to include these details here too. Add anything guests may find useful, like the distance between venues and local taxi services if they don’t want to walk.

Some guests may only be invited to your reception. If that’s the case, make it clear that this is the venue information for your evening guests, so they show up in the right place (and at the right time)!


Collecting RSVPs is essential for organising catering, table plans and for your venue capacity. Make it crystal clear from the get-go when you need to hear from your guests, and make sure it’s obvious on your website.

Use your wedding website to collect RSVPS- it’s easier for the guests, and you can connect it to your GettingMarried guest list, making RSVP admin easier for you. 

If you’re asking for menu choices, or need to know dietary requirements, include this information when talking about RSVPs on your wedding website.

Your Gift List/ Wedding Registry

We can guarantee that your guests will ask about your gift list and want to give you something towards your big day, so don’t feel awkward about including it.

Whether you’re asking for contributions towards your honeymoon, charity donations or for specific products, adding your Gift List to your wedding website makes it easier for your guests to find it and give you a gift.

Use our integrated GiftFund for easy, instant and fully secure cash contributions. Decide what you want to ask for, add your payment details, and your guests can send contributions directly to you- ideal if you’re heading straight on honeymoon after your big day!

Gift List


There are a few obvious things to include in this section, but you can also add anything relevant for you and your big day too. You should definitely include:

  • Whether or not children can come (and dogs if you’ve got guests who might ask!!)
  • What the dress code is, if you are having one
  • Rules about sharing photos of your wedding on social media
  • Whether cash is required for your bar
  • What the phone signal is like at the venue

About You & About Your Wedding Party

Share your love story; who you are, how you met and how you got engaged. Guests will know at least one of you, but may want to know more about your love story.

People love photos, so why not share some? From your first date to engagement photos, they add a personal touch to your website.

You can also include information about your close wedding party- bridesmaids, groomsmen, people of honour, parents etc. This is especially useful if guests will be likely to interact with them during the day.

Travel and Transport

Seriously useful for anyone not from the area you are getting married in, but helpful for all guests. Share local train stations, bus routes, taxi companies and recommendations for travel to your venue. If parking is available, let your guests know here. 

Closer to the big day you may find some local road closures around your venue, you can easily update your website with this information and use our Guest Messenger email feature to update your guests.


Lots of venues include on-site accommodation for some, or all, guests. If this is an option, you might want to include information on your website with contact information for booking these rooms. 

You can also recommend local hotels, or share airbnb links, so your guests have the option to stay locally.