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Wedding Gift Lists User Guide

Your guests will want to give you a gift to celebrate your marriage, so why not work with them and share a list of what you’d love to receive? Whether that’s cash towards a honeymoon, a charity donation, or a specific product or item, you can easily add multiple gift lists to your wedding website.

Already have a list?

Great! You can head straight to the Gift List panel on your dashboard, click to ‘Create a gift list’ then select ‘Link my current gift list’. 

We’ll ask you to name the list, share the list supplier (Prezola, The Wedding Shop or ‘other’), and include a link to your list.

The name will appear on your Wedding Website, and the link will direct your guests to purchase from your list.

Getting Started

If you want to create a whole new list with us, that’s wonderful! Click ‘Create a gift list’ then let us know what kind of gifts you’re hoping to ask for. There’s three options that we recommend:

  • GiftFund
    • Part of GM+ Membership, GiftFund is our integrated instant and secure cash gift list. With GiftFund, you can ask for cash contributions towards anything, and include your choice of PayPal, Monzo, Revolut or Bank Account to receive cash gifts from your guests. Any cash contributions made by your guests will be sent instantly to the account you’ve chosen, so you know their gift is safe and sound.
Gift List
  • Prezola
    • The UK’s favourite wedding gift list service, combining flexible honeymoon funds and cash gifts alongside a huge range of physical gifts from hundreds of brands. It’s easy to create a Prezola gift list by signing up on their website. Once you’ve created your Prezola Gift List, you can connect it to your Wedding Website by sharing the link and including a name for your gift list.
  • The Wedding Shop
    • The UK’s longest established wedding registry, offering gorgeous gifts from your favourite brands and with cash gifts for any purpose. Stunning showrooms. Guests pay 2% for cash gifts. Like with Prezola, you create an account at The Wedding Shop and then connect it to your wedding website by sharing the link and including a name for your list.

Adding Multiple Lists

You may have multiple gift lists for various reasons- a product list with Prezola and a charity donation list with GiftFund, for example. You can easily add multiple gift lists to your GettingMarried account and to your wedding website.

Once you’ve added your first gift list, click to “view your gift lists” from your dashboard, and you’ll see a summary of the lists you’ve connected to your account. There is an option to ‘Add another gift list’ which will take you back to the same recommendations for GiftFund, Prezola or The Wedding Shop depending on your requirements.

Adding to your Wedding Website

You can add your gift list(s) to your wedding website through the Website Editor. Simply select the ‘Gift Lists’ content section, add any additional information and hit save. You’ll then see your gift list(s) appear on your wedding website.