The Basics

Tips & Tricks For Customising Wedding Website

With our wedding website builder, you’ve got creative freedom over your theme, colour palette, layout, fonts and content.

But that’s not everything- there are several tips and tricks to add an extra level of personalisation to make your wedding website truly unique.

Explore our hints and tips below 👇

Copying and Pasting Images & Motifs

Want to add more personalisation your website design? Copy and paste motifs (like the flowers above), photos, and images into any text box to display on your website.

Find an image or design you love, take a screen grab of it and paste into a text box. It will instantly show on your wedding website.

Create Your Own Unique Header

With our Header Image option, you can easily customise the top of your website to display any photo or design.

Usually, it’s your engagement photo or a design made by someone else- but it’s also really easy to make your own!

  1. Set up a free account on Canva and create a custom size design: 2000 x 1000px
  2. Go wild with your design- create a collage of photos, use illustrations or images you love to create something truly unique.
  3. Once finished, export as a JPEG and upload onto your website!

Change Your Language

If you want to change the language or alphabet on your website, or display several different languages, you can easily do this with any editable text.

Wherever there’s the option to add your own text, simply copy your chosen language or alphabet from Google Translate and paste into the block.

Introduce Your Wedding Party

Your wedding party play a big part in making sure your day runs smoothly, so introduce them on your website:
1. Take a screen grab of your friend and paste it into a text block on your website
2. Repeat until you’ve got photos of everyone
3. Add a title to the block and text below the images

To recreate our image, you’ll need to create a free Canva account. You can then add photos into a circular frame and text underneath. Once you’ve created your design, copy and paste onto your website!