Your Guide to GM+

GM+ is the new name for your premium membership. We’ve improved all of the amazing features you still have access to, and added even more to your membership.

GM+ includes The Suite; six premium management tools to streamline the experience of your and your guests, plus The Circle; exclusive content, offers and discounts from brand partners and creative website banners and tutorials.

Here’s more detail about what’s new and updated:

The Suite

Dynamic RSVPs

RSVPing is still easy and integrated with your guest list to update as guests’ reply. There’s now also the option to ask your guests questions as the RSVP and collate answers easily- whether it’s capturing their favourite song to dance to, or finding out if they want a seat on the bus. Create these questions and more via the Event Coordinator; your new home for managing details you need from your guests for each event.

There are also updated settings relating to collecting RSVPs. Find out more by clicking on the button below or visiting our RSVP User Guide.

Email Stationery

You’ll now send an email notification to your guests and your stationery will display in your guests browser for an improved visual experience. This means you’ve got more creative freedom over the colours, fonts, layout and images you include in your paperless stationery. Create your email stationery as normal and follow the steps to then add content to your email notification and choose your guests.

Event Coordinator

We’ve made improvements to the way you create and manage your wedding events. You can create and manage your menus for each of your events here, as well as a table seating plan. There’s a new feature in each event called ‘Questions’- which lets you create and ask questions to your guests relating to the event. It might be asking them to share a song for the DJ, or if they need transport or accommodation for the event. You’ll also see ‘Website Settings’ which lets you control what content is displayed on your website and in the Guest Area.

Guest List Groups

This is one of the biggest and most requested changes we’ve made for you. Guest List Groups allows you to quickly and easily group your guests depending on what event they’re invited to. By creating these groups and assigning guests, they will only see the event details relevant to them with RSVPing. This means that evening guests won’t also see details for the main event which they aren’t invited to-no more awkward conversations or confusion.

Gift Lists

You’ve still got access to create and integrate a cash gift fund, or connect another wedding gift list to your wedding website. But now, you can connect more than one! Brilliant if you’re using Prezola for product and GiftFund for cash contributions- we hope it’ll make things easier for you.

The Circle

Brand new and available exclusively for GM+ members, The Circle is our content hub for extra wedding advice and inspiration- from help with how to ask for wedding gifts, to exclusive website header banners and tutorials. 

We’ve also joined forces with some of our favourite brands and businesses to offer you exclusive discounts.


Where can I find my menu manager now?

All of your existing menus are still on your account and our menu manager feature is still very much available. You will now find it in Event Coordinator. You’ll need to ‘View & Edit’ the relevant event and then scroll down until you see the section outlining your menu (or prompting you to create one!).

How do I download my guest’s menu choices now?

Similar to above, you’ll find the button to download your guest’s menu choices in Event Coordinator. It will be in the relevant event details if you scroll a little, and you can download as a CSV.

Where can I find table planner now?

Table Planner has also moved to within our Event Coordinator. This is because you can now create table plans (and the same with creating menus above) for each event individually. Click to ‘View & Edit’ the relevant event, and then scroll down to either view your existing table plan or create a new one.

How can I download my table plan?

Go to Event Coordinator, click on ‘View & Edit’ for your relevant event, and scroll down until you see Table Plan. Here you can edit your table plan or download a CSV.

Where do I find my guest’s dietary requirements?

If you are also collecting menu choices for your guests, you’ll find them alongside your Menu Manager within the Event Coordinator. If you are only asking for dietary requirements, you’ll find the information in your guest list CSV file. You’ll need to go to ‘Manage Your Guest List’ and then scroll down to find the Download Manager. You’ll want to download the left option- Guest List.

I had Open Access RSVPs which is no longer a setting. What do I do now?

If you’ve only got one Guest List Group, then you can select ‘Allow Open Access RSVP’ for that specific group within it’s settings. If you’ve got multiple Guest List Groups, then you’ll need to choose the one you’re happy for all your guests (or guest’s who don’t match criteria on your Guest List) to see the information for.

What exactly is The Circle?

The Circle is GM+’s blog. It is a collection of blog posts that fall under three categories. Community and Advice includes posts about etiquette and help with what to say about certain things. Exclusive Designs include premium header banner illustrations and tutorials for creating more bespoke wedding websites. Offers and Discounts includes discount codes for brands and businesses we love and think you will too.

I’ve noticed some glitches and issues, what do I do?

We’ve worked really hard to polish and perfect the updates to GettingMarried, but you may still experience a few minor teething pains while we finish our live testing. If you spot anything unusual or not working, please let us know so we can fix it! Email us at We really appreciate your patience and understanding-we’re a very small team working incredibly hard to make it perfect!