The Basics

A Guide to Printed Wedding Stationery

To communicate effectively with wedding guests, we recommend using a combination of Paper-free and Printed Wedding Stationery linking to your Wedding Website.

Wedding Websites offer plenty of space for detailed information without the need to print it all, as well as an opportunity to share more about your unique story and plans for your big day.

Paper-free Stationery is quick, easy and cost effective as well as being environmentally sound. In uncertain times when plans might need to change suddenly, Paper-free Stationery offers immediate communication with your guests.

Beautiful Printed Wedding Stationery is traditional and practical, adds a feel of quality to your day and will wow guests for a relatively small investment.

All of our Design Themes offer a matching Wedding Website, Paper-free Stationery and complete range of Printed Wedding Stationery.

Here’s our guide…

Order Free Printed Samples.

Before we start, it’s worth looking through our Design Themes to see which ones catch your eye. Many are available in 28 different colours and our Printed Wedding Stationery team will work wonders and personalise everything for you!

To see and feel the quality for yourselves, order Free or Personalised samples as soon as possible. You can order these directly from your dashboard.

Saving the Date.

You can read our detailed guide to Saving the Date here, but when it comes to Printed Wedding Stationery, this is where most journeys begin.

It’s important to get Save the Dates sent to potential guests as soon as you’re sure of your date. Not only do you get your big day into guests’ diaries, you may free up space on the Guest List if they’re not going to be available.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who is invited to what event yet. You’re simply asking them to let you know whether they’re available. Ask guests to let you know their availability via your Wedding Website, and we can collect their postal address and mobile number for you.

When you buy Printed Save the Dates directly from your dashboard, you’ll get a 50% discount, meaning that prices start at just 70p!


If possible, it’s good to send invitations around six months before your wedding. Earlier for destination weddings.

Having a Wedding Website lets you keep your invitations fairly minimal in terms of content. Include the address of your Wedding Website on invitations, and you can add all of the detailed information there to save space.

If you’re having separate events such as afternoon and evening receptions, it’s best to order separate invitations for each. Again, you can add separate sections for each event to your Wedding Website.

You don’t need to order one Printed Invitation per guest, as lots will include more than one person, such as couples or families. Work out exactly how many you need and then order a few extra.

Decide how you would like guests to RSVP. If you’d like them to respond formally by post, you may want to include a Printed RSVP Card with your Printed Invitations. Most couples opt for guests to RSVP via their Wedding Website, and most guests are more than happy to do so.

You can order Printed Invitations directly from your GettingMarried dashboard. Our team of experts are available to advise you on what’s needed and we’ll send a proof copy for your approval before anything is printed.

The ceremony.

If you’re having a formal ceremony and would like guests to follow the service or join in, it’s usual to print an Order of Service. We recommend one for every two guests.

Where hymns or songs are to be sung by the congregation, it’s usual to include the words within your Order of Service. Similarly, if there are prayers or readings where guests are encouraged to join in, the words should be included.

Our stationery team is on hand to help you finalise the content and will send a proof copy for you to approve prior to printing. Orders of Service start from just £2.20 each, so for a wedding of 100 guests you can cover everyone for around £100.

The venue.

Whatever your venue style or size, Custom Signs will really add a wow factor. Welcome signs, Arrow signs directing guests, your names emblazoned in the entrance and large Table Plans all look amazing. Prices start from just £10 and go up to £99 for a very large mounted Table Plan.

Bring tables to life with Table Plan Cards, Table Name Cards, Place Cards, Favour Tags and Table Confetti.

Table Name Cards are visible from a distance, making it easy for guests to find their table. They’re also a great place to print WIFI passwords, hashtags and anything else guests might need to know as they make themselves comfortable.

Individual Place Cards mean you can manage exactly who sits where and make life easy for guests as they take their seats. If you have menu choices, you can print those choices on the back of Place Cards to help waiting staff.

If you’re giving favours, our Favour Tags make them really personal from just 50p each, while our Table Confetti adds plenty of colour and style to your venue at very little cost.

For a 100 guest wedding breakfast with 10 tables, you can create a Large Table Plan, 10 Table Name Cards and 100 Place Cards from just £143!

Order directly from your GettingMarried dashboard.

Thank You Notes.

When the dust settles and you’re happily married, it’s time to send Thank You Notes to guests. Whether you’ve had lots of gifts and want to thank guests individually, or you just want to thank everyone for making your day special, the Thank You Note is the final hurdle.

Strangely, in our experience, the biggest gripe we ever hear from guests is the lack of a timely Thank You Note. So it’s very important to do them.

There are a couple of options here.

Printed Thank You Notes that you personalise yourself and then send through the post, perhaps with a favourite photo of yourselves at the wedding, is very traditional and a safe bet, particularly with older guests.

Paper-free Thank You Notes are also gratefully received by guests, and are very easy to personalise. You can add a photo of yourselves at the wedding and include a personal message to each guest regarding their gift.

Printed Thank You Notes are available to buy directly from your GettingMarried dashboard. Paper-free Thank You Notes are included in our GuestMail service.