The Basics

Why You Need A Wedding Website

Let’s face it, we all expect to be able to do everything online these days, and when it comes to wedding guests, they’re no exception.

Having a wedding website makes organising your big day (and your guests) a lot easier, which is why we made it completely free to make your own.

Here’s why you need a wedding website 👇

To Share All The Details 🖥️

wedding website

There’s not a huge amount of space on wedding invitations, which is why your website is a great addition.

Include directions, dress codes, hotel recommendations, and any additional details and FAQs on your website.

Your invitations can be kept sleek and simple, just add your website address or QR code and voilà!

It’s Your Admin Assistant 👐

wedding website

You can direct your guests to your wedding website if they’ve got questions about your big day, and use it to collect information from those guests too.

With the free contact form, guests can share questions and you can manage them via your GettingMarried inbox. You can also use it to ask guests to provide information, such as dietary choices etc.

And if anything changes in the run up to your wedding, you can update your website and share with your guests instantly.

For Easy RSVPs 💌

wedding website

Guests want to RSVP quickly and easily using their phone or laptop. They don’t want to buy a card or put something in the post; they’ll never get around to it (and it could get lost!).

Collecting RSVPs via your wedding website helps you keep on top of the admin, and also allows you to ask for additional information such as dietary requirements, playlists, or plus ones.

Your Gift List 🎁

Keeping everything in one place makes life easier for you and your guests- which is why we created GiftFund.

It’s our fee-free, fully secure and instant cash gift list that seamlessly integrates with your wedding website.

Guests can easily make personalised contributions, and you can keep track as you receive the cash, making thank-you notes a breeze. 

Free, Easy & Customisable 🖌️

wedding website

It takes less than 30 minutes to create and publish your free wedding website. Choose a theme, personalise to suit you, add the details, and you’re ready! 

Even when you’ve published your website, you can change and update it at any time to add more information or update the design. It really is that easy!