The Basics

Wedding insurance.

As we’re sure you’ve begun to realise, weddings are expensive things and many things can happen to change your plans during the months leading up to your wedding. Get insurance.

Each insurance policy is different, but in general they exist to cover problems that are out of your control; in other words, you would be compensated for any money you have paid towards aspects of your wedding that are unfulfilled. Insurance will cover the closure or cancellation of your venue, and reimburse you if you are let down by suppliers. Items such as cakes and flowers are often covered for damage or loss up right until the time of your ceremony, though you may need to pay a supplement for things such as marquees – always double-check.

Most policies will cover you if you have to cancel or rearrange your wedding due to illness, death or accident, whether this affects the couple getting married or someone in the wedding party (close family, the bridesmaids or best man) as long as the illness wasn’t caused by a pre-existing condition. Remember, though; insurance does NOT cover cold feet!

You should take out cover as soon as you’ve paid money towards any services; most policies allow you to take out cover two years in advance of your planned wedding date. It is important to do your sums in advance, as insurance is normally priced depending on the value of the cover you need. Creating a comprehensive budget will give you the best idea of the level of cover you’d need to claim if something was to go wrong.

You should already be covered for certain things, if you’ve used a credit card to make the payment; however, this will only relate to certain scenarios, while proper insurance is fully comprehensive. As such, you’re strongly advised to add insurance research into your ‘wedmin to do list’.