The Basics

Wedding Guest’s Red Flags- And How You Can Fix Them

The happier your wedding guests are, the more fun you’ll all have.

Making sure your wedding guests have all the information they need (and not too much either!) is important. If you don’t, they’ll only bother you for the details.

And no, “dress to impress” is not a dress code and won’t help your guests know what to wear.

Read more about red flags and how you can fix them  👇

Not Giving Enough Info 🚩

Wedding Guests Info

Paper invitations can be frustrating as they lack details.

As well as the obvious, it’s useful to know end times, dress code, menus and catering, parking and more.

Include a link or QR code to your wedding website and cover the details there.

Being Too Specific 🚩

Yes your wedding guests want details, but they don’t want to be dictated to.

It’s fine to share a dress code, but leave enough freedom for guests to still have a choice- asking everyone to wear baby blue is only going to annoy your guests!

Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to be told exactly what to do?

No Seating Plan 🚩

No matter how informal your big day is, having no seating plan will cause chaos!

You’ll end up with single seats, lonely guests and potential cause a few arguments.

Use a table planner tool, your guests will thank you.

No Gift List 🚩

99% of guests will want to give you a gift to celebrate your marriage.

They don’t want to guess what you’d like, what you need, and whether you’d be happy with cash.

Share a gift list and make it clear what you’d love, whether it’s products, cash or charity donations.

Travel & Accommodation 🚩

Let’s face it, having to travel to a wedding can be a little hassle. Guests may not know the area, how easy it is to get about, and where find a place to stay. Share hotel recommendations, travel tips and taxi companies on your wedding website.