Real Weddings

Photography used by GettingMarried

We source our photography from a variety of places. Real couples who have used and loved us, wedding photographers who capture our style, and photos we have taken ourselves.

Here are a few of our favourite people to work with.

Amber Louise Photography
Amber Louise Photography

Many of the group and couple photos we use are taken by Amber. We’ve worked with her for a few years and known her even longer. Her love of weddings came before her passion for photography, but getting to do both together and capture couples’ perfect day is her dream come true.

Her work perfectly captures the celebration and fun of wedding days, which is exactly what we want to achieve at GettingMarried.

“I genuinely shout from the rooftops how grateful and lucky I am to be doing something that I love as a living!! I’ll never take it for granted or get comfortable – I will continue to invest, learn and push myself to always improve my work at any opportunity. My favourite thing about my ‘job’ is how I get to capture the memories that last a lifetime. I always want to make sure my work is authentic, natural and as fun as possible.”

Based in the South West, Amber covers Wiltshire, Somerset and is happy to travel too. 

You can find out more about Amber’s work and availability here.

Story Box Films

“You’ll never hear us saying ‘Say Cheese’!”

Kylie and James are both real-life and business partners, also known as Storybox Films. Together they specialise in documentary wedding photography and videography.  We’ve known Storybox Films for a long time and are lucky enough to be able to share some of their work at GettingMarried.

“We strongly believe that filming and photographing a wedding is much more than just pointing your camera and capturing what’s happening in front of you. You will never catch us saying ‘say cheese’ – not ever! Instead, we look for natural and unposed images that are heartfelt, beautiful, and above all, true to the couples we film and photograph.”

Based in Somerset (but always happy to travel), their personal connection to couples really shines through in their photography.

Find out more about Story Box Films here.

GettingMarried Couples

You can explore our real couple features here, to learn more about their big days and how they used GettingMarried.

If you would like the chance to be featured, we always welcome new couples! Please contact us with your request and we’ll be in touch.