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Lily and Adam.

Every marriage proposal is special – but not every marriage proposal goes viral on Reddit.

But let’s go back to the beginning.

Bristol girl Lily and her Barnsley-born husband Adam both work in property. However, that’s a sheer coincidence, as they met when travelling in Thailand around five years ago.

“We met on a little island called Phi Phi, while we were both working in a bar. We spent about a week together before I went off to continue my travels. We’d assumed that we wouldn’t see each other again, but Adam couldn’t keep away – at least, that’s my side of the story – and he caught a boat to the next island to follow me.

“After spending a little more time together we realised how much we really liked each other, so we decided to continue our travels together. We went to Peru, Bolivia and Brazil, and then back to Thailand for six more months. At this point we knew we wanted to stay together, so when we returned to the UK, Adam made the big decision to move to Bristol; a city he didn’t know at all.

“About one year later, I came home from work to find two empty suitcases waiting. Adam said that we were going away for a few days, and that I needed to pack. Suspecting he was taking me to Center Parcs, I packed as best as I could, so was completely shocked when a few hours later I found myself checking in to a flight to New York.”

At this point, other brides and grooms may wish to look away.

“A few hours after we landed, we were ice skating at the Rockefeller ice rink. The ice cleared just as our song came on, and before I knew it Adam was down on one knee. A picture of the proposal went viral on Reddit and was sent to us, which was pretty special.”

The proposal in New York

Lily and Adam got married at Winkworth Farm in Malmsbury. “It was the perfect venue for us. It was beautiful, but rustic and subtle, and really went with our theme. We had around 120 guests.

“I can remember walking down the aisle like it was yesterday. We had a photobooth, which we loved, because everyone got involved. It was lovely for the guests to take the pictures home with them, but we also got to keep the copies in a photo album.”

And Lily’s top tip – other than finding a groom capable of setting up a world-beating proposal scenario, that is?

“Just before we got married, someone told us to find five minutes during the day to step back together, look at the room and spend a little time taking it all in. We did this in the evening while everybody was on the dance floor, and I cannot recommend it enough.”

Images supplied thanks to Storybox Wedding and Film Photography