The Basics

Gift Lists & Cash Funds: Why you need one

Whether a gift list registry or a honeymoon cash fund, chances are you feel awkward asking for something from your guests. Well you shouldn’t!

Gift giving at weddings is part of the tradition and celebration. Your guests will likely buy you a present whether or not you ask for one.

Yes, you can ask for cash in envelopes. But do you really want a trip to the bank before your honeymoon?

You might be tempted to share your bank details. You don’t need us to tell you why this isn’t the best idea (fraud and identity theft risk!)

Creating a Gift List allows you to guide your guests towards something you’ll love, and steer them away from wasting their money on something you might not love. It’s win-win! You won’t have to keep hold of that unusual (read:ugly) vase from your in-laws ready for when they next visit!

Now the fun part, thinking about what you want on your wedding gift list. You may want to opt for traditional homeware gifts; glassware, towels and bedlinen. Or, if you’ve already got a house full, asking for contributions towards larger or more expensive furniture or technology may be up your street. Others create a honeymoon fund, either to pay for the flights and accommodation or for specific adventures and occasions while you’re away. If you’re not comfortable asking loved ones to spend money on you, why not consider a charity donation? 

Next, how to create your guest list. We recommend three fantastic services to curate a gift list that suits you…


We had to start with our own service! Available exclusively for GM+ couples with an upgraded account, GiftFund has no hidden fees, it’s flexible, and cash is received instantly. 

Creating a GiftFund is easy; write a message to your guests explaining what you’re asking for contributions towards, add some lovely photos, choose how you want to receive contributions and then add GiftFund to your wedding website.

You can ask for contributions towards absolutely anything- your favourite charity, a skydiving experience at the Grand Canyon, a new sound system… I asked for driving lessons!! GiftFund is fully flexible too, so you don’t have to choose just one thing and stick to it. If you want to ask for a combination of honeymoon funds and charity donations you can do exactly that.

We’ll record all contributions and messages from your guests in your dashboard, making Thank You notes after the big day a breeze.

Fee Free for couples (with an upgraded account) and always free for guests

Instantly receive contributions from your guests

Safe and secure; transfers go directly to the account you have chosen

Fully flexible; ask for contributions towards anything

Integrates with your GettingMarried wedding website


Prezola offers a wide range of gift choices, from subscriptions and experiences, to cash contributions, and physical gifts from hundreds of stylish brands. They also offer a perks programme with discounts, freebies and quarterly giveaways for couples who’ve created a list. 

Add subscriptions, experiences and cash gifts

Gifts from 100’s of stylish brands

Connects to your wedding website for free

Honeymoon fund

Group gifting available

Free for couples, guests pay 2% for cash gifts

What we think…

Great online service with plenty of choice and some interesting brands such as Graham & Green, Sonos and The White Company. Flexible cash gifting that makes it feel like guests are ‘buying’ part of your honeymoon. (Even though it’s just cash in the bank).

The Wedding Shop

If more traditional gifts and exceptional service is what you’re looking for, we recommend The Wedding Shop. They are the longest established wedding registry in the UK with hundreds of luxury brands available. The Wedding Shop offer a dedicated Gift List Guru service to help you put your list together. 

Gifts from 100’s of luxury brands

Explore their London showrooms or book a virtual appointment with a Gift List Guru

Add cash gifts

Enjoy free delivery

Free for couples, guests pay 2% for cash gifts

What we think…

The dedicated Gift List Guru is a great help to create your gift list. The London showrooms are great as well, particularly at The Townhouse.”