The Basics

Gift Lists & Cash Funds

You might feel awkward asking family and friends to buy a gift or make a cash contribution, but it’s actually very traditional and everyone will want to mark your big day with a gift.

Whether you’d like gifts for your home, contributions towards your honeymoon or just some cash, we recommend creating an Online Gift List and linking it to your Wedding Website so guests can choose a gift quickly and easily.

If you’re looking to receive cash gifts, it’s best to use one of the online services available. For a small fee they’re very discreet and completely secure. Poems asking for money can be a bit tacky and it’s not safe for guests to bring cash to your wedding venue.

These are our favourite online services that offer a brilliant combination of cash and gifts, all on one list…


The UK’s favourite wedding gift list service, combining flexible honeymoon funds and cash gifts alongside a huge range of physical gifts from hundreds of brands.

Honeymoon Fund

Cash Contributions

Subscriptions & Experiences

Gifts from 100’s of brands

Charity donations

Free delivery

Couples pay 2% for cash gifts.

What we think…

Great online service with plenty of choice and some particularly interesting product brands such as Graham & Green, Sonos and The White Company. Really flexible cash gifting that makes it feel like guests are ‘buying’ part of your honeymoon (even though it’s just cash in the bank).

The Wedding Shop

The longest established wedding registry in the UK, offering gorgeous gifts from all your favourite brands together with cash gifts for any purpose.

Gifts from 100’s of brands

London showrooms

Dedicated Consultant

Cash gifts

Charity donations

Free delivery

Guests pay 2% for cash gifts.

What we think…

If you want more of a personal touch with some help creating your gift list, you’ll love the dedicated Gift List Guru that you get with this service. The London showrooms are great as well, particularly at The Townhouse. You can also add a honeymoon fund or cash gifts to your list.