The Basics

Communicating with guests.

If you’ve never organised a wedding before, you’ll be astonished by the sheer number of questions your guests come up with.

Picture the scene. It’s 8pm and you’re just about to enjoy a hot takeaway and a cold glass of wine (because, you know, wedding planning takes it out of you), when the phone goes. It’s your auntie in Rhyl, demanding to know exactly – exactly – how much of the wedding will be spent indoors v. outdoors. Oh, and before you go, is there plenty of parking? And can she bring her brand-new chihuahua puppy? Honestly, he’s nearly house-trained…

 And so it goes on.

The easiest way to communicate all the information is via your GettingMarried Wedding Website. Your guests can use it as a reference point, and you can add as much information as you like about your event. You could even put together a guest FAQ section to cover all the questions everyone keeps asking; this will save you endless emails and phone calls, and keeps all your information in one place – especially handy if you need to change anything and let everyone know at the same time.

One increasingly important FAQ concerns social media. This has become a huge part of the wedding industry, with many couples rushing to share photos of their engagement ring seconds after accepting the proposal. And frankly, did you even go on honeymoon if you didn’t Instagram the infinity pool?

When it comes to guests posting photos, some couples are super-relaxed. Sure, they say; go nuts! Here’s our wedding hashtag! Others would rather reserve the right to monitor all social media posts, while others prefer it if only the official photos reach the public eye.

A lot of couples decide that they want guests to be ‘fully present’ and share their day without distraction. They don’t want their official photos to be full of little screens held aloft; they request an ‘unplugged’ wedding asking guests to keep their phones and devices in pockets or bags

Your day; your rules. Whatever you and your partner decide, the crucial thing is to communicate your wishes to your guests. This could be through your Free GettingMarried Wedding Website, via one of our beautifully designed Guest Messenger emails or by displaying printed signage on the day.