The Basics

Cash Gift List: How to ask for cash without feeling awkward

Gift giving is part of wedding tradition. Your guests will likely buy you a present even if you haven’t created a gift list.

Traditionally, wedding gifts were usually household items ready for your new life together. Nowadays we’ve already built our homes and lives together before tying the knot.

According to a recent major survey, over 70% of couples now ask guests to give them cash.

Guests still feel like they’re contributing, and couples receive something which has far more value to them. Creating a cash gift list gives you the freedom to put it towards something you’d really enjoy- which is surely the point of a gift!

From our experience, guests want to feel like they’ve giving something personal. That doesn’t mean cash is off the cards, but it does mean sharing some insight into how you plan on using your cash contributions.

We know asking for cash can feel a little awkward, but we’re here to show you it’s not. Here’s our ideas and advice.  👇

Ask Nicely 💸

Obviously! By ‘nicely’, we mean being polite and explaining a little bit about why you want cash rather than a physical gift. There are plenty of beautifully worded paragraphs and poems to help you let your guests know you’d like cash without being crass…..

“In lieu of gifts, we would appreciate contributions towards [house deposit/honeymoon etc]”

“We are fortunate enough to already have all the physical items we need, but would appreciate any contributions towards [how you’ll be spending the money]”

You might also want to give your guests the option of a physical gift too, or ask for a charity donation alongside a cash gift.

Let Them Know How You Plan To Spend It 💸

Guests are much happier with gifting cash when they know how it will be used. So instead of simply asking for money with no explanation, share a little insight into how you plan on using their contributions.

If it’s for your honeymoon, let them know what you’re hoping to do and share some stories. Paint them a picture of your honeymoon adventure or special meal together, it will feel more personal for your guests.

If it’s for something less exciting, that’s also fine. I used mine for driving lessons which motivated guests even more as they couldn’t believe I’d finally be behind the wheel!

Use A Professional Platform 💸

Cash or cheques in envelopes on the day is a big no! They’re likely to get lost and lead to a lot of admin after the wedding. How do you cash a cheque?! We’ve also attended weddings with unexpected cash bars- guests were ripping open their gift cards to grab the cash!

You might be tempted to just give out your bank account no. and sort code to guests, but this has its own security risks. It also feels a little impersonal. Use a professional platform that lets you include images, descriptions and gives your guests a choice of ways to pay. Something like GiftFund 😏

GiftFund is our instant and secure cash gift list which seamlessly integrates with your wedding website. With GiftFund your guest’s contributions are safe- any gifts are sent directly to you with no ‘middle man’ and no hidden fees for you or your guests.

GiftFund looks great and gives you space to share your plans for the cash with guests. When guests send gifted money, you’ll receive it instantly. That means you’ll have your honeymoon fund before the honeymoon- so it’s actually useful!

Say Thank You 💸

Treat cash contributions exactly like you would physical gifts. GiftFund has a dashboard so you can see how much a guest has gifted and any message from them too. Make a note of how you’ve spent that contribution (or how you plan to spend it), and include a personal message in your thank you note.