The Guest List

Wedding stationery.

If you’ve signed up to a Wedding Website, do you still need to send invitations in the post? Like everything else about your wedding day, it is entirely up to you. Here is a small selection of printed wedding invitations but please do explore the full range.

Traditionally, couples would post a formal invitation to their guests, with everything they needed to know about the day in one envelope. These days it’s quite acceptable (and more eco-friendly) to mix and match – sending some in the post and some invitations via email, and to direct guests to your Wedding Website for all the up-to-date information; especially if your plans change, or are put on hold, as so many weddings have been this year!

To print or not to print?

While you’re sorting out any Printed Stationery, consider ordering large printed Table Plans to display at the door to the reception, individual place cards and Table cards, which are all available from GettingMarried. If people know where they’re sitting, they won’t need to wander aimlessly about looking for their names. It may also dissuade them from gaily switching the place cards to suit themselves, ruining your carefully worked out Table Plan in the process. And yes, this does happen. A lot.

Add a personal touch

Another thing you may like to consider printing are the menus. Guests can choose from the options well before the day, using the GettingMarried Menu Planner as part of the RSVP; you can then easily download and share this information with your caterer. However, it’s also a good idea to print out copies of your menu to place on each table to remind guests what they have ordered.

The all important printed menu on the table, because nobody remembers what they asked for months ago

Other kinds of signage are also useful. Signs that announce the time of the first dance. Signs that explain what that Polaroid camera on a side table is for. Signs to ask people not to use their phones; signs pointing at a book of memories you’d like guests to sign. Whether you have the signs printed by GettingMarried, or hand-paint adorable homespun ones yourself, signs serve another valuable purpose; they look great on Instagram.

All of the Premium GettingMarried Design Themes offer a range of matching Printed Stationery and signage options; you can download a copy of your table plan from your GettingMarried account to pass on to your venue.

Check out the stunning GettingMarried matching Printed Stationery options here.