The Guest List

Invitation etiquette.

Traditionally, invitations were sent from the bride’s parents, which was only fair since they were generally the ones footing the bill. But these days it’s a minefield out there! What if there are two brides, or two grooms? What if – as is increasingly the case – the couple are paying for everything themselves?

Here are three easy solutions.

Firstly, have the invitation simply come from the couple: “(name 1) and (name 2) request the pleasure of…”

Two, have the invitation come from the couple, along with the names of their parents.

Three, turn it around completely: “(guest name 1) and (guest name 2) are invited to celebrate the marriage of….”

Make it clear that you expect your invitees to RSVP.  Planning a wedding requires military-level precision, and knowing how many guests have accepted is key. By using the GettingMarried RSVP Manager, guests can reply to your invitation online, saving them a trip to the post office and the cost of a stamp. This way you can record their reply, and that of anyone else in their family group; you can even capture their menu choices, which will save you a lot of time and stress later on.

However, there will always be a few guests who aren’t as tech-savvy as others, or who simply prefer more traditional methods of replying, so provide a postal address on the invitation, too. You can easily add them to the GettingMarried Interactive Guest List and update their menus choices for them – much better than asking your gran to try her luck online if she is not a silver surfer.

One of the greatest advantages of using GettingMarried is that you don’t have to pad out the invitation with reams of paperwork; all the information your guests need, from the Hotel Planner to the Gift List, can be found on your Wedding Website. You can even create bespoke sections to suit your event.