The Guest List

Guest Books.

During the run-up to the wedding, when there are a million and one other things to organise, a guest book may not feel like a massive priority – but if you do choose to have one, you’ll be very glad in the long run. 

The type of guest book is obviously up to you; all that matters is that it offers your guests a chance to leave their good wishes, as a lasting memento for you to cherish.

There are lots of different ways to collect messages from your guests. The classic – and possibly the easiest and most cost-effective – option is a blank book with a beautiful cover designed especially for a wedding.

GettingMarried guest books feature a cover design to match your wedding stationery, in the colour and style of your choice; the words ‘guest book’ on the front; the name of the couple, and often, the date of the wedding day.

We can also create a matching double-sided sign, to draw your guests’ attention to the book.

The guest book is usually placed at the exit or entrance to the ceremony space, or in a well-visited spot such as an entryway, or near the cloakrooms, but really it’s up to you, and you can move the book around the venue at will. You’ll have enough to do on the day, so it’s a good idea to nominate a member of your wedding party to take charge of this, rounding up any stragglers who haven’t got around to signing. 

Make sure you supply good-quality pens – avoid fountain pens, as many people are unfamiliar with them, but also avoid the cheaper type of ballpoints as there can be a build-up of ink on the nib which then comes off as a small and unattractive blob – not what you want in your special book.

Avoid paper that is too absorbent – if not of the correct quality, the messages can easily ‘bleed’ when wet ink spreads slightly on the paper. GettingMarried books come as standard with lovely 150gsm plain white paper pages – ideal for the job

Our range of guest books have a design to suit every wedding theme, along with a full range of custom colour options. Our professional team will set the artwork with your own personalised wording, and send you a digital proof to check before anything gets printed. 

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