The Big Day

Getting the menu right.

Wedding catering has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. Today, the choice is so overwhelming that it’s enough to make any bride and groom long for the simple days of the cold buffet.  

Don’t get too hung up on the details. Try to keep the wedding breakfast simple (NB: whether it’s a sit-down three-course dinner or an evening buffet, it’s still called ‘breakfast’). Remember that it’s so much more than a meal. It’s also a symbol for what it represents: the coming together of friends and family to laugh, talk and celebrate with you.

Don’t feel you need to score points for creativity, either; just because Sophie and Nigel had a witty fish and chip van at their wedding, you don’t need a taco station at yours. It’s dinner, not a competition.

Use your budget as a starting point to discuss the various options offered by the venue and your caterer. Consider everyone’s dietary requirements and allergies (of which you can be sure there will be plenty); the RSVPs on your GettingMarried account will store every guest’s response to this question). Make sure you offer a menu that the majority of your guests will enjoy; just because your favourite cuisine is modern Indian, some don’t like it hot.

If you want to personalise the meal, you could tell the story of your relationship through dishes inspired by special moments, memories or things you love to do together. It could be serving craft beer from the city where you met, or a dessert you once shared on a first date.

Most importantly, make sure that you taste everything before deciding on the final menu – all caterers will be happy to offer a sampling session.