The Guest List

Save The Date.

You’ve agreed a date and probably chosen the venue: excellent! Now get those Save The Date notices out pronto. Whether you’re planning a lavish, traditional wedding, or something small, quirky and intimate, the main priority is ensuring that the most important people in your life are there to celebrate it with you.

So, what’s the best way to make sure of this? When is the ideal time to send out the cards? How soon is too soon? How much detail should you include? Let’s take a closer look.

We’re often asked whether there’s any real need to send Save The Dates at all. After all, back in the day nobody seemed to bother with them; there’d be just the one invitation, setting out all the details, and that was that. But times change. People are far more mobile than they used to be, and lead increasingly busy lives. Diaries fill up very easily with staycations, family holidays – and a lot of weddings. Nobody wants their best friends to be sunning themselves in Ibiza on their big day, so give everyone as much notice as possible: six to eight months before the wedding is ideal but it’s best to give as much notice as possible. And remember, the next few years are set to be unusually busy for weddings, due to so many being postponed in recent months, so make extra sure that your Save The Date is the first one they receive!

You don’t need to overload it with information; at this stage, short and sweet is best. Just include the date, with a link to your GettingMarried Wedding Website, so that your guests can stay up-to-date with your plans as they unfold. This is especially important if the date needs to change for any reason.

Oh, and one more thing – include the letters RSVP so that people know they absolutely need to reply! This will allow you to calculate the final numbers when you come to send out the actual invitations, which is especially important if you’re only allowed a maximum number of guests at your venue. And of course, there will always be some people who can’t come, which means you can invite others; the new guests will never know that they were plucked from the subs bench!    

It’s perfectly acceptable etiquette not to specify which part of the wedding you’re inviting people to; at this stage you just need to know their availability. When you have all the responses back, then you can decide who to invite to which part.

You can make all of this very easy with your GettingMarried Email Save The Dates. Choose a design, pop in the details, add everyone’s email address and hit send. Guests will be able to click RSVP in the email and your Guest List will update itself!

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