The Basics

A Guide to Saving the Date.

It’s important to let guests know your wedding date as soon as you can, even if you haven’t decided who to invite to each event yet. Not only does it get your big day in their diary, it may free up space on your guest list if they can’t make the date.

As with all of our Wedding Stationery, you can opt for Paper-free, Printed or a combination of the two.

Our Printed Save the Dates come in hundreds of designs, many of which are available in 28 colours or different foil finishes. You’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Buy Printed Save The Dates directly from your GettingMarried dashboard and you’ll save a massive 50%!

Going Paper-free with Save The Dates is good for your budget and for the planet. Choose from hundreds of designs and personalise your Save the Date as you wish. Add guest names and email addresses to your Guest List and hit send. Messages are sent to guests immediately by email.

Collecting guest contact details is easy with Paper-free-Save The Dates as we’ll ask them to add their postal address and mobile number when they respond. Perfect if you’re planning to send printed invitations later, as you can download names and addresses from your Guest List.

To send Paper-free Save the Dates, you’ll need to buy our GuestMail service from your GettingMarried dashboard. A one-off fee of £49 gives you unlimited access to Paper-free Invitations, Announcements, Guest Messages and Thank You Notes.